Amazing person

An amazing person lives in Ulyanovsk – Levchuk Ivan Fedorovich – Righteous Among the World
From an interview with Ivan Levchuk 2019:
“During that war, someone betrayed, and someone also hid. There were fewer of those who hid, of course, and more traitors.
Here it is written: “Levchuk Fedor, Levchuk Anna and their son Ivan – Righteous Among the Nations.”
I will tell you how it was.
I myself was born in 1930, we lived in a village, In the Zhytomyr region. Wow, in the summer, closer to autumn, my mother washed her clothes and went to the river to rinse, and we lived near the forest, on the edge of the village.
And here she rinses the linen … But women are sensitive and notice everything. He sees – the boy goes and hides behind the bushes. She asks: “Son, where are you going?” And he says: “To the Khomuk.” And these Khomuki went to loot. When Jews were beaten, they entered empty houses and took whatever they wanted. And, apparently, this Yasha (Yakov Berilovsky, about whom we will speak) somehow encountered them.
Khomuk promised him: “If it is difficult for you, we will accept you.” So Yakov went to the Khomuk.
His mother says to him: “If you are suddenly not accepted there, then this is my house. Come in the evening, I’ll at least feed you. ” She felt that this strange boy, not ours, not a village boy, therefore she turned to him.
By evening Yasha appears. Says: “I came to the Khomuk, and they told me to leave. They said that there was an order – if someone welcomes Jews or communicates with partisans, they will destroy the whole family. Well, I went into the field. I walked a little … There the children grazed geese, and I walked around the children … Now I came to you … ”
Mom fed him. He asks: “Will I spend the night with you?” Mom says: “Sleep.” I spent the night. It was already going towards autumn, we were going to go dig potatoes in the garden. Yasha says: “Will I stay with you for two more days? Because I am afraid to go there, they will catch me there, they will kill me. ” We told him: “Well, be with us.” “I will go with you to the garden.” “Well, come with us.” Come with us. So until the evening. Evening, day, two, three stayed with us. Then he says: “Okay, I’ll go. Is it possible, if it’s hard for me there, I’ll come to you again? ” Mother and father say: “If anything, come.” Weeks have passed, probably two. Is an. He says: “We started to catch and kill again … I ran away. I still need to stay with you for a few days … “” Well, live. ”
He lived for several days and left. Several weeks have passed, Yasha is back. The father looked at him carefully and said: “Son, you know what, stay. Let it be. Let’s try to survive. Here Ivan will drive the cow to graze into the forest, and you come with him so that fewer eyes can see you in the village. ”
I noticed that Yasha could not speak the letter “r”. I told him: “We need to practice saying“ r ”. Dr. rr … “. We are lying on the Russian stove – and “drrrrr …”
And Yasha began to speak the letter “r”. “Kukurrruza”, “gorrrokh” began to speak.
After the war, we met. Yasha came to visit my mother. Then he and his daughter came to us for weddings – both son and daughter. Yasha came with his grandchildren …
He was very kind, good, very sensitive. And his whole family was empathetic. Our relatives, who passed through Moscow, were always welcomed if they needed to spend the night. And further. My son served in the army in the Kremlin. As he took the dismissal, he went to Uncle Yasha. There they will feed him and talk to him, one might say, in a related way. So we were, consider, brothers … ”
Source: “The Story of Salvation, or How We Got Adults.” Marina Kanner, Elena Tsybulina. – Moscow; Rostov-on-Don: Phoenix, 2019 p. 130-131 ″
Place of rescue: Golubovka, Ruzhinsky district, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine (USSR)
Righteous Among the Nations title year: 2002

Левчук Иван