Appeal of I. Dabakarov in connection with the current situation with coronavirus

Dear friends!
An outbreak of coronovirus infection has complicated the lives of each of us. We are all cautious now, taking care of ourselves and trying to stay at home whenever possible – and rightly so. But also, in this situation, we must understand and remember that mutual assistance, mutual support is very important. We cannot forget those who are the hardest.

There are those who are now in a special risk zone. They cannot even go to the nearest store or pharmacy.
These are elderly, people with limited mobility, people with poor health, single mothers – they all need our support. Without our participation, it will be very difficult for them to survive self-isolation.

We in the Ulyanovsk community received a lot of calls asking for help and have already gathered the first group for home visits.
But we do not have enough people – volunteers who can bring a grocery bag, buy medicine or help pay those who really need it.

I think that we should unite and organize a volunteer headquarters in each region.

I urge the Russian Jewish Youth Congress, our activists not to be indifferent, to turn to the leaders of their communities and find out how you can help. You are our hope and support.

I appeal to the leaders of national autonomies – help volunteers, ensure their safety, conduct briefings and, if necessary, provide certificates for unimpeded movement in the city.

Only together we stand! Coronavirus has become a real test for humanity and kindness. We should not move away from each other, destroy relationships, think only about ourselves, because the pandemic will end, and what we create now will remain with us.

Chairman of the Ulyanovsk Jewish community, I. Dabakarov