Bat mitzvah!

“On Sunday we celebrated the bat mitzvah of my youngest daughter, Sonya. It was a fantastic holiday! I thank all the guests, relatives and friends who came to us from afar and flew across the ocean to share with us minutes of joy. For me, this It’s very important and significant. Your attention is the best gift! I thank everyone who helped us organize a beautiful and kosher holiday, especially Rabbi Uri Superfin, who led kashrut and not only. If it weren’t for him, I don’t know how we could have done everything correctly. I thank Elena Vakhitov and Roman Beagon, who created an unforgettable atmosphere and mood of the evening, and also express gratitude to the best musicians – Nefesh and Belini groups! We are delighted! Thanks to everyone who was with us and everyone who sent their good wishes. Now I’m waiting for professional photos to share a piece of celebration with you all.”

(Igor Dabakarov, chairman of the Ulyanovsk Jewish community)