International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Ulyanovsk

We invite you to the exhibition “Holocaust. Their eyes.”
From January 21 to January 31, the Ulyanovsk Jewish National Cultural Autonomy will present the exhibition “Holocaust. Their eyes.” The exhibition exposition includes three thematic sectors: SHOA – a review exhibition telling the story of the Holocaust of European Jewry. Auschwitz album – a sector dedicated to the album found by the prisoner after her release, gives the opportunity to see firsthand the fate of those who arrived in Auschwitz in 1944 from Hungary. Rays of Light – tells about the fate of women during the war, during the Holocaust.
January 27, on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, here in the “Quarter”, a Memorial evening will be held at 15.00.
The exhibition was organized with the support of the Federal Jewish National-Cultural Autonomy and the Federal Agency for Nationalities of the Russian Federation.
We invite everyone to visit the exhibition daily from 10 to 18.00 at the address Ulyanovsk, Lenin st., 78.

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