Let the children do not know war!

Let the children do not know the war and dream only good good dreams!

Day of military glory – the day of Stalingrad! And therefore, we from the Jewish community visited the museum of local lore, talked about the heroes and events of the Great Patriotic War.
And so that we never dreamed of the horrors of war, Daria Korepova conducted a workshop with the children on the production of “dream catchers”, which all pupils of the Jewish Sunday school “Ir Laugh” turned out to be excellent.
Thanks to the Ulyanovsk Regional Museum of Local Lore and Darya Korepova for such a great Sunday, filled with the history, pride and creativity of children, and Igor Dabakarov for the opportunity to be with these wonderful children and their parents.
Thanks to Veronika Zadykhanova for the photo and assistance.