Unity of nations. Day eight

Day eight. We are talking about the Chuvashes.

In the interethnic online camp “The Unity of Nations in the Unity of Victory”, despite the technical hitch, passed the “equator”.
Today we talked about the Chuvashes. Girls and women of this people, which have Turkic roots and Orthodoxy, were famous for their helmet-shaped headdresses and unusually skillful double-sided embroidery!
Chuvash embroidery has no seamy side and the drawings conveyed the semantic load, being almost a book or a wish for all the best and prosperous.
The guys even drew this embroidery, each one chose a pattern to taste.
It turned out bright, unusual and beautiful.

There were guests today, but what!
Head of the youth Chuvash pop vocal ensemble “Merchen” TsNK Phil TSVRIK Anna Viktorovna Kuznetsova and head of the Chuvash culture center Iraida Vasilievna Gavrilova.

They told and showed the Chuvash national costume, traditions, customs, taught everyone a few words and invited them to the Akatuy national holiday on August 22 online))

We also watched a video about Ulyp – the national giant from the Chuvash myths and a cartoon about Ivan Batyr in the Chuvash language, the meaning of which the guys understood without a detailed translation.

Of course, they talked about the enlightener of the Chuvash people – the Simbirian Ivan Yakovlevich Yakovlev and the heroes of the Great Patriotic War of this nationality.

And listened to the song Victory Day in Russian and Chuvash languages

Tomorrow Igor Dabakarov and I have prepared a bombing broadcast for you))