Unity of nations. Day eleven

Day eleven. We are talking about Ukrainians.

Ukraine is famous for its bright costumes, delicious dumplings, bacon, borscht, beautiful girls with wreaths and ribbons and lingering songs that take your soul.

Dances, songs, costumes, national holidays and cooking – all that we learn every day about different peoples in the online international camp “Unity of Nations in the Unity of Victory”.
And, of course, we watch national fairy tales and gain folk wisdom.

The first master class after watching everyone’s favorite cartoon “Once upon a time there was a dog” was a master class on modeling the same dog from plasticine)) Alina Mishina helped in this
And the guys turned out great!

But after watching the Ukrainian fairy tale about a greedy miller who stole a pied chicken from a poor neighbor’s grandmother and turned into a chicken, overgrown with feathers until she changed her mind and did a good deed with her husband, there was a master class with feathers from the Ulyanovsk Regional Museum of Local Lore, in which Daria Korepova helped all the guys to make a postcard with feathers.

Well, we could not get around the theme of the Ukrainian wreath, we made it out of paper flowers, because on the most mystical holiday – Ivan Kupala – girls throw wreaths in the water, jump over the fire in pairs, and the bravest go to the forest in search of a fern flower.

There were many heroes of the Great Patriotic War among the Ukrainians, there are representatives of this people who left their mark on the Ulyanovsk land, we did not forget to mention them at the end of our day.

This is how another day passed in the camp, and a round dance of friendship was added by two little men in national clothes.