Unity of nations. Day fifteen. Goodbye

Day fifteen. We say goodbye!

It’s amazing how quickly all these days have passed! So our online international camp “The Unity of Nations in the Unity of Victory” has come to an end.

Today is a concert where the guys recited poems about war and friendship, sang songs, and the guests showed dance numbers of different nationalities – after all, Victory in the Great Patriotic War is the Victory of all who rallied against fascism!

Igor Dabakarov wished all the guys good luck and expressed the hope that next time our camp will be even better and will be as usual.

He thanked everyone involved in organizing and holding various events for the transfer and preservation of national customs and traditions, the memory of the fallen and living participants of the Great Patriotic War, the organizers of master classes, parents and children, and, of course, awarded the most active participants!

Thanks everyone! And we say to you all “Goodbye!” Protect the world, friendship and loved ones!