Unity of nations. Day five

Day five, talking about Armenians

One of the warmest, sunniest nations with the saddest instrument on Earth, which has become an intangible heritage of UNESCO, is the duduk.

Delicious dishes, bright costumes, beautiful dances, mountains and temples made of pink tuff – all this is about Armenia!

The children from the international online camp “Unity of Nations in the Unity of Victory” were visited by charming guests – the leader of the famous folk group of Armenian dance “Van” Aida Vladimirovna and Soloist Maria.

A master class on making a golden star of a hero was conducted by a friend of the camp, Irina Aleksandrovna Obukhova from the Museum-Arcadia-Plastov in Ulyanovsk

The guys did this master class for a reason – after all, it was Armenia that gave 4 famous commanders and 1 admiral!

We finished the day, after adding to the garland of friendship a couple in Armenian national costumes, watching cartoons from Armenfilm about Maslenitsa and the boy who accidentally freed the sea gin)