Unity of nations. Day four

Day four, talking about the Japanese

Oriental people, completely different in their mentality, their traditions, customs and rituals, clothing, culture and food are becoming more and more attractive for many countries.

It’s no longer strange to eat with chopsticks, there are rolls with wasabi, to watch anime.

Several times the Japanese Spring on the Volga was held in Ulyanovsk, both politicians and traditional and modern musicians came to us, evenings of Japanese poetry were held and joint business projects were opened.
The Center for Japanese Culture in Ulyanovsk also emerged, whose employees Svetlana Ablyazova and Grigory today conducted a whole range of activities with children from the international online camp “Unity of Nations in the Unity of Victory” from stories and watching cartoons in Japanese to an origami master class.

And our garland of friendship has become larger and more colorful – now we already have as many as 6 little men in different national costumes hold hands tightly))

By tradition, our camp ended the day with a story about a veteran of the Great Patriotic War living in the region.
Once again, I express my gratitude to Igor Dabakarov for the opportunity to work with such wonderful guys and their parents!