Unity of nations. Day fourteen

Day fourteen. We are talking about Tajiks.

The aromas of melons and grapes, in honor of which there are even holidays in Tajikistan, were in the air, especially in the food sets.

Songs, dances, epics and legends, costumes, history, the most beautiful and famous places in Tajikistan were studied today in the online camp “Unity of Nations in the Unity of Victory”.
There is even a “Tajik sea”)) although it is only an artificial reservoir, it is beautiful and very popular, especially in the heat.

Bright colors inspired the children to decorate their stained glass sets with stained glass paints. Now these works of the inmates of the camp can decorate their walls at home.

Speaking about friendship and peace, we often remember the dove of peace, this is how the master class of Irina Aleksandrovna Obukhova from the Museum-Arcadia-Plastov in Ulyanovsk was called. Now such a snow-white pigeon flies in every house. At the same time, they learned the history of carrier pigeons.

Many folk wisdom was transmitted in the form of epics, legends, epics and fairy tales, so every day we watched the tales of the studied people.
Today our garland of friendship and the history of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War of different nationalities have been finally supplemented
This is how our school days passed unnoticed.