Unity of nations. Day seven

Seventh day. Talking about the Cossacks

Although the Cossacks are not a nation, but in some documents – an estate, in others – a sub-ethnos as part of the Russian people (https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cossacks) it would be completely wrong and not to tell about them fair.
The military class of the Cossacks has always taken part in all the soldiers of Russia, and they made no small contribution to the victory in the Great Patriotic War.
The Cossacks themselves, a large part of which is buried in our cemetery, their valiant soldiers and partisan detachments, who did a lot to weaken the enemy and bring victory closer.
The Cossacks who came to us told a lot about their history, exploits, weapons.

Thanks to Vitaly Slezka for the exhibition of weapons, which was allowed to be touched with hands and asked about whips and checkers)

The courtyard of the MCAA73 hosted not only the Cossack exhibition, but also two master classes at once:
From Anastasia Chernavina, OBZH teacher of secondary school 61 in archery
From Anton Lazarev, teacher of the Children’s Art School and the head of the association Hedgehogs-artists for making a portrait of the hero

Satisfied children, counselors and parents spent their family day off today with benefit and learned about the Cossacks, and practiced their shooting skills, assembling and disassembling a model of a Kalashnikov assault rifle, and painted under the supervision of a talented teacher.

Thanks to ICCA73 for the shelter and the opportunity to hold the Sunday program of the interethnic camp “Unity of Nations in the Unity of Victory” and special thanks to Elizaveta and Igor Dabakarov for their help in organizing today.
And also to all the guys and parents, you are just bombically cool!