Unity of nations. Day six

Sixth day. We are talking about Azerbaijanis.

The land of fires, singing stones and burning “eternal” torches of natural origin, 9 climatic zones, rock paintings, pomegranate festival and spring new year – Novruz bairam, mugams, amazingly beautiful carpets and the most unique instruments – that’s what we visited online today camp.

Young hot horsemen from the Student Club of Azerbaijanis of Ulyanovsk at URANKA came to visit us with a story about costumes. traditions and customs of this people.
A very complete and interesting story from Amil with additions for the guys, for example, so that the guys remember what the Nobel brothers invented, remembered the famous popular game Minecraft, as well as fragments from the cartoons “Well, wait a minute” and the Movie “White sun of the desert” and ” The Diamond Arm”))
And he compared the famous armudi with the figure of girls.

Most of all, the children were impressed by the lights erupting from the depths of Azerbaijan and the grenades, as well as the carpets, which each made special at the master class.

The day ended with a screening of a cartoon about Jyrtan – a national hero of fairy tales, who, despite his small stature, was nicknamed a giant.
The guests promised the guys and Igor Dabakarov to join us on the 25th at an online concert with a dance)) We will wait)