Unity of nations. Day thirteen

Thirteenth day. We are talking about Ossetians.

Sunday in the camp is already a traditional family day off, it makes all the participants and their parents very friendly.

Many thanks to the Victory Volunteers. Ulyanovsk region for the quest for our guys, which the parents also joined.
Today is 77 years since the end of the crucial battle on the Kursk Bulge
Interesting about the history of the country – this is about them, the Victory Volunteers and this is about us – the camp “Unity of Nations in the Unity of Victory”!
It’s great that the guys are well versed in technology, logic, military intelligence and are very savvy!

Since today is dedicated to Ossetians, a proud, brave and very hospitable people, we learned about their dances, epics, heroes of the Great Patriotic War and three Ossetian pies, our friend Alan Dzagurov told us about them in such detail that many have remembered from last year!

What to do in good weather after studying the history of the Great Patriotic War and the people of Ossetia?
The guys were able to overcome themselves and try their hand thanks to the Adrenaline Adventure Park Ulyanovsk, because in Victory Park there is it for any height and physical fitness!

Animals help us to love the Motherland and remain the kindest and friendliest person, so we visited the zoo, got acquainted with animals and birds in trouble, who are being helped here. For example, the White Eagle will soon be set free on the territory of the Ulyanovsk region.