Unity of nations. Day twelve

Day twelve. We are talking about Uzbeks.

The brightest national clothes, delicious cakes, the national famous dish – Uzbek pilaf, tea made from the most beautiful dishes, camels, three deserts and two rivers and one sea (which is a salt lake) – this is what arises in the minds when the word Uzbekistan!

Irina Khabarova, the head of the folk group of the Children of the Sun dance ensemble, and Polina Shlyukina, the soloist, came to visit us, to the online interethnic camp “The Unity of Nations in the Unity of Victory.”

Polina told how Uzbekistan bewitched her, showed a master class to girls in Uzbek folk dances))

We learned that in addition to melons “smooth as a girl and sweet as honey”, folk crafts such as embroidery and painting on ceramics flourish in Uzbekistan, and these arts are practiced by men who have become famous masters of their craft all over the world.
We saw folk instruments and costumes that differ from each other and just by looking at such a costume, it was possible to understand from which part of the country a person was.
The vast expanses of deserts and the very smiling and hospitable people inspired our friend – the head of the Museum-Arkady-Plastov in Ulyanovsk Irina Aleksandrovna Obukhova to take a master class on making a kite.
Now in the hands of every camp student there is a friend who is ready to conquer the air space!
Of course, our garland of friendship has also grown, adding a couple in national Uzbek costumes.
We learned about the hero of the Great Patriotic War of Uzbek nationality and watched two cartoons based on Uzbek folk tales, which were instructive for the children.