Unity of nations. Second day

Today is the second day of the online camp. They talked about the Russians.

The material about the customs, traditions and values ​​of the Russian people intersected with dynamic pauses, songs, nursery rhymes, master classes and a quiz.

We were visited by representatives of the Russian House and the Arkady Plastov Museum with a master class on the Smiley keychain.

Now each camp student has his own amulet!

And the hero of this day was Fyodor Ivanovich Goryunov, a participant in the Great Patriotic War. When the war began, Fyodor Ivanovich was 16 years old. He was drafted into military service in 1943 by the Malokandala RVC. He was sent to the district school No. 65 of junior aviation specialists, where he studied for 7 months and received the rank of junior sergeant, the position of gunner-radio operator. Was sent to Kazan in the 9th reserve aviation regiment to train crews for the front.
On March 16, 1944, with five crews, Goryunov flew from Kazan to the front. On March 18, 1944, he arrived in Zhitomir on the 1st Ukrainian front, the second air army, 202 division, 797 bomber aviation regiment. He took part in combat missions. I met the victory near Berlin. Awarded with the Order of the Patriotic War of 1 and 2 degrees, medals for the victory over Germany, for the capture of Berlin, for the liberation of Prague