Unity of nations. Third day

Today is the third day, they talked about the Tatars

The material about the customs, traditions and values ​​of the Tatar people with dynamic pauses, songs, nursery rhymes, master classes and a quiz went off with a bang today!

Representatives of the Center for Tatar Culture Lilia and Alsu came to visit us with a Leisyan doll. These wonderful ladies showed the national peculiarities of the Tatars’ costume and musical instruments, and with the master class of the DPI “Echpochmak” we fixed the name of the best Tatar dishes)))

Now each camp student has his own magical echpochmak!
And the magic garland of friendship has become bigger and more beautiful))

The hero of today is Mingali Nurgaleevich Zharullin, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Born in Tsilninsky district, he was drafted to the front in 1943, fought in the 1st Belorussian Front, was a signalman.

Today, together with Igor Dabakarov, the ideological inspirer of the project, we were glad to greet all the children and parents, because they are the best with us!