VIII International Jewish Music Festival

VIII International Jewish Music Festival in Kazan!

Kazan, a city of thousands of cultures, easily combining all nationalities and any faiths. It is impossible to imagine a more suitable venue for the annual International Jewish Music Festival. Pianos and cymbals, cover bands and folk melodies, violins and double basses – on the open-air stage until the evening of September 13, a variety of bands played for the residents of Kazan and city guests!
Each in its own way is unusual and unique. They pleased everyone who was on St. Petersburg Street that day.

The best musicians from around the world performed in an open area in the very heart of Kazan!
• Michal Zagot,
• Moscow Klezmer Band,
• Nefesh Group,
• “Jazz Variety Orchestra conducted by Andrei Balin”,
• The Alevay team,
• Ensemble of Jewish song and dance “Fairlach”

On September 15, the PIRAMIDA CRC, the largest cultural and entertainment complex in the Volga region, hosted a gala concert of the International Jewish Music Festival, which ended with a performance by the festival’s head liner, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Zuharovich Shufutinsky.

The organizer of this event was the chairman of the board of the NGO Jewish National Cultural Autonomy of the Republic of Tatarstan with the support of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan and the public organization Federal Jewish National Cultural Autonomy.
The artistic director of the festival is the chairman of the Jewish community of the city of Ulyanovsk is Dabakarov Igor Amnerovich.

VIII International Jewish Music Festival