Autumn holidays 5782

The holidays of the Tishrei month have come to an end, and we can say with confidence that we did a great job! First of all, thanks to you, our dear community members! Every year more and more Jews in Ulyanovsk observe Yom Kippur fast. Many attended the Izkor memorial prayer that day. On Sukkot, many also came to the community every day to fulfill the commandments of this holiday – Netilat Lulav and a meal in a hut. Young rabbis Aviel Kolpakov and Eliyahu Prudnikov, who helped us to spend all the holidays correctly and kosher, took part in the festive meeting of the community in Dimitrovgrad. The big holiday in Sukkah was held to the fiery melodies of our guests from Samara – the Mazl Tov ensemble. The holidays ended with unrestrained dances with Torah and pilaf in Simchat Torah. We are grateful for the support of our sponsors, the Board of Trustees of the Ulyanovsk Jewish Community, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, the Shmini Charitable Foundation.