Foundation date
April 15, 1990.

прямоугольник строка прозрач



“HESED” – is a Jewish charitable organization engaged in various kinds of assistance to the most vulnerable part of the population (lonely, disabled, elderly, poor). Hesed programs and services are intended to provide comprehensive assistance aimed at improving the quality of life of their wards, whose number in the history of the program has exceeded 700 people.

Carrying out such tremendous work, relying only on our own strength, would be extremely difficult for the community, therefore, a serious financial and methodological support is provided by our general partner – the “Joint” Charity Fund. It contributes to active development of Hesed, making aid programs more diverse.

Some of the program participants receive assistance in several programs.We help not just to follow the list of areas, we help those in need! Unfortunately, in this time of difficulty, the lists of those in need are replenished, but we have the strength and a great desire to help these people. We direct all available resources to ensure that the life of each of our wards becomes easier.

Currently, the Hesed program is active in the following areas:

  • • Health care (drugs, medical care) – 375 people;
  • • Nursing (home care) – 129 people;
  • • Nutrition program (buying food, free meals) – 370 people;

  • • The SOS program (large financial aid) – 72 people;
  • • Purchase of equipment (clothing, household appliances, etc.) – 107 people;
  • • Redecoration of apartments – 34 people.

The Hesed program is 20 years old – this is one of the most ambitious programs of the Jewish community of Ulyanovsk. But we are not going to rest on our laurels and we think we can do many times more good deeds. The problem now is that we do not have enough space for the organization of the relevant services.

The construction of the Jewish Cultural Center will help to solve this problem and to raise charity work to a new level.

The charity is already with us, and you are welcome to join!



Each of us has his own personal story – this is our family, our ancestors, our bloodline. We must remember it in order not to lose our origins in culture, religion, family traditions. We must give our children not only the future but also the past as a strong foundation on which the perfect “tomorrow” will grow.

Care of the family graves is one of the basic human responsibilities, which helps us to pay tribute to our ancestors and preserve the family history.

In Ulyanovsk cemeteries there are more than 2,000 Jewish graves. Many of them are in poor condition – in need of clearing, restoration of monuments, painting of fences. Unfortunately, not every family has the opportunity to care of the graves of their relatives for various reasons – old age, living in another city or country.

Knowing all these circumstances, the members of the Ulyanovsk Jewish community in the framework of the project “Beit Chaim” are always ready to help those who value their family history.

At your request the volunteers will take care of the graves of your ancestors on the territories of all Ulyanovsk cemeteries.

We keep the memory of generations, and you are welcome to join!


To request care for the grave of a relative or a friend, find their names in the list below and complete the short questionnaire by clicking the button “СДЕЛАТЬ ЗАЯВКУ НА УБОРКУ”. Also, you can call the phone listed in the contact section for more information. If you can’t find your relatives in the list, please, let us know. We will do our best to find the graves of your ancestors and make entries in the common register about these graves.



    Youth, energy, beauty! So characterize any youth associations. Today it is difficult to imagine the birth of the fresh and perspective ideas without young minds. Youth club of “Mishpakh Gdol” bright example of that.

    The Jewish youth club of Ulyanovsk was created in 1996. Various seminars devoted to the Jewish culture of history and to studying of Hebrew were and remain very attractive to young men and girls which want to learn and understand the roots.

    Aim “Mishpakh Gdol” – involvement of the Jewish youth in community life, leadership development. Our youth organization informally acquaints participants with the Jewish tradition and history, Israel and the main Jewish values, creates favorable circumstances for creation of traditional Jewish families, offers free trips to Israel, volunteer actions, lectures and seminars, leader programs, parties and many other things. Our purpose – formation at the Jewish youth of Ulyanovsk of the Jewish consciousness, pride for belonging to the Jewish people and desire to make the contribution to revival of the Jewish life of Russia.


    “Sunday School” is the place where creativity and aspiration to new knowledge have no borders. Here it is always noisy and is cheerful! Fifty absolutely young children gather every week in our building, exchange news, master the new creative directions, participate in sports meets and the developing games. Here both competitions, and studying of languages, visits of theater, of cinema, occupations in the fresh air, choreography and music! There is enough charge of energy for all week!

    High quality teachers with wide experience of work, make a highly topical program in which are considered interests both children, and parents. There is own base of game stock and the special adapted education guidances. Parents too sometimes need to have a rest from the noisy and vigorous children, and IR of LAUGHTER gives them such opportunity. Here children are so involved in educational and game process that forget about everything on light, so, adults can quietly devote this time to themselves. Organizers took care both of convenience of parents, and of safety of children who are taken away directly from a door of the apartment and on the comfortable minibus deliver to the place of occupations, and after classes, in the same way, return them home.


    Each concert of “Nefesh” and Igor Dabakarov is a bright, meaningful and emotional event!

    Unique melodies of Jewish music literally fill the concert halls with the millennial history of the Jewish people. Each composition is a separate story about how Jews have fun, love, pray and suffer. Jewish music is so profound and epochal that everyone in the audience understands and accepts it, no matter what nation he belongs to.

    Igor Dabakarov’s performing talent and the work of the professional musicians conquer the hearts of the most discerning audience. Contemporary and classical Jewish music, Yiddish, Klezmer music, Soviet – Odessa music – the concert program accommodates all of these areas.

    This ethno-musical project is actively supported by the Federal Jewish National and Cultural Autonomy, as the performer’s work reinforces the unity of the Russian society and contributes to the cultural development of the peoples of our country.

    The “Nefesh” musicians were ones of the first who volunteered to put their hand in support of the construction of the Jewish Cultural Center in Ulyanovsk.
    All funds raised from the ticket sales are aimed at the realization of this project.

    As part of the tour in the first six months of 2016 the group will perform in the following cities: Volgograd, Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhniy Novgorod, Perm, Penza, Orenburg, Samara, Saransk, Cheboksary, Tolyatti, Chelyabinsk, Ulyanovsk and Ufa. Watch for posters in your city and our news portal.

    The new concert program “Kosher Rhythms” was first presented at the home of musicians, Ulyanovsk, on December 6 at 17.00 in the Governor’s Palace.

    Art is already with us, and you are welcome to join!



    This is the largest Russian Jewish youth association of our country having huge creative potential. It is the first federal Jewish organization which was created at the initiative of youth leaders of communities of regions of Russia.

    The organization exists since April, 2010, for such short period it turned out to unite and acquaint with each other more than 3000 thousand people. Each of forums REMK brings together the best representatives of the Jewish youth organizations from 50 regions of Russia. Seminars, lectures, individual occupations, exchange of opinions allow not just to learn a lot of new, but also to get a practical advice how to organize and give active development to the Jewish youth movement in the city.


    The Jewish J-Point mobile application is a mobile poster and social network which users the first learn about the forthcoming bright events in the Jewish world! Besides, the appendix allows to obtain information on the Jewish sights, communities and synagogues of any city – that is especially very convenient for those who often travel.

    • concerts and tours of the Israeli stars;

    • actions within the Jewish communities;

    • meetings with representatives of the Israeli art;

    • various trainings and courses, for disclosure of your abilities;

    • fast and convenient search of actions for the cities of Russia;

    • addresses, phones, photos and maps of the drive;

    • automatic detection of your location and actions nearby;

    • an opportunity to estimate places and events, to leave comments;

    • an opportunity through social networks to share interesting information with friends.

    J-Point — All Jewish world on finger-tips!


    Our wise men said that one of troubles for the Jewish people is “work on others vineyards”, that is hobby for foreign religious and cultural traditions. We decided to return our youth “to the vineyards”…

    The Akiva’s Vineyards project – the educational project on the academic studying of the Jewish history and classical Jewish texts with use of various methods of teaching, including lectures, seminars and web conferences.